Staff Directory

We are passionate public health professionals caring for the community we love.

The Union County Health Department isn’t a place. We are a team striving each day to help Union County residents live longer, healthier, happier lives. Shoot us an email or give us a call so we can work together to build a healthier community together. Not sure who to talk to, shoot an email to


Jason Orcena
Health Commissioner
Ext. 2044

Ashley Mitchell
Human Resources Officer
Ext. 2026

Amy Hamilton
Fiscal Officer
Ext. 2033

Michelle Amrine
Fiscal Assistant II
Ext. 2034

Gretchen Krantz
Vital Registrar
Ext. 2060

Diane Morrison
Deputy Vital Registrar
Ext. 2030

Jennifer Thrush
Public Information Officer
Ext. 2047

Shawnna Jordan
Communications Specialist
Ext. 2032

Tim Kelley
Accreditation Coordinator
Ext. 2048

Environmental Health

Adam Schultz
Director of Environmental Health
Ext. 2040

Wyatt Marshall
Deputy Director of Environmental Health
Ext. 2088

Dan Teets
Plumbing Inspector
Ext. 2025

Zach Baldwin
Plumbing Inspector
Ext. 2085

Holly Rast
Sanitarian | All Programs
Ext. 2043

Paul Ithenya
Sanitarian | All Programs
Ext. 2029

Lauren Meyer
Environmental Health Specialist In Training | Food Program

Aaron Freedman
Environmental Health Specialist in Training | Sewage & Water Program
Ext. 2041

Martha Nabwire
Environmental Health Technician
Ext. 2036

Charo Zehner
Program Coordinator
Ext. 2083

Shelly Harmon
Senior Administrative Assistant | Plumbing, Sewage, & Water
Ext. 2042

Cindy Whetstine
Environmental Health Administrative Assistant
Ext. 2046

Health Promotion & Planning

Shawn Sech
Director of Health Promotion & Planning
Ext. 2045

Elizabeth Fries
Deputy Director of Health Promotion & Planning
Ext. 2031

Erin Mitchell
Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
Ext. 2035

Lindsay Fetheroff
Health Planner | Drug Overdose Prevention
Ext. 2073

Tamisha Matus
Health Planner | Creating Health Communities
Ext. 2027

Lauren Putz
Health Planner | Safe Communities & Naloxone
Ext. 2056

Noel Williams
Health Planner | Older Adult Falls Prevention
Ext. 2049

Jennifer Fauber
Health Planner | Mobility Manager
Ext. 2063

Dawn Hughes
Early Health Start Home Visitor
Ext. 2051

Nursing &  Clinical Care

Krista Finch
Director of Nursing | Clinical Provider
Ext. 2057

Doug Matthews
Clinic Business
Ext. 2054

Kayla McCallister
Nurse Practitioner
Ext. 2055

Susie Knox
Public Health Nurse
Ext. 2059

Regina Lopez-Wurth
Public Health Nurse | Reproductive Health
Ext. 2011

Ariel Finks
Public Health Nurse | Immunizations
Ext. 2050

Joanne Sommers
Public Health Nurse | CMH
Ext. 2052

Deserae Johnson
Community Health Worker
Ext. 2089

Communicable Disease Team

Mary Salimbene Merriman
Lead Epidemiologist
Ext. 2062

Josh Moore
Ext. 2028

Kayla McCallister
Public Health Nurse | Communicable Disease
Ext. 2055

Angy El-Khatib
Disease Investigator

Magdelyn Broady
Disease Investigator

Women, Infant & Children*

Mani Syar
Registered Dietician
Ext. 2061

Linda Wolcott
Administrative Assistant
Ext. 2064

Sara Bayless
Breastfeeding Peer
Ext. 2061

*The Women, Infant and Childrens (WIC) program is provided through a partnership with the Delaware General Health District (DGHD). The staff working on this program are employees of the DGHD. They are listed here as these staff are co-located in our office. If you would like to contact these individuals, you can call our main number at 937-642-2053 or you may email them. Email addresses for DGHD staff follow the pattern