Add-On or Remodeling

Planning to add a pool, pond, pole barn, or patio to your property? Adding onto your home? Digging or trenching new utility lines?

An Addition/Remodel review is often warranted if you are considering a property or home improvement project. An Addition/Remodel review can help determine if a home or property improvement project may adversely impact your sewage treatment system or private water system. The review looks to see if the project encroaches on your current or replacement sewage treatment system footprints, if the work encroaches into required separation distances, or if the construction process is likely to compact soil or otherwise be detrimental to the proper functioning of your sewage treatment system.

The cost associated with adding on or remodeling varies depending on the scope of the review and the location of the property.

How to Submit:

Email completed application form and credit card authorization to:

Email completed application form to and pay by phone at (937) 642-2053

Mail or drop off completed application and check
(after hours mail slot available until 7pm).

Union County Health Department
Attn: Environmental Health
940 London Ave, Ste 1100
Marysville, OH 43040