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Working Together for a Healthier Union County

If you see a threat to public health in our community, let us know. Our sanitarians follow up on each concern shared by our residents. You can share your concern by calling us at (937) 642-2053 or by completing the online form below. There are a few things to know before you share your concern:

  • Our public health jurisdiction is limited. In most cases we do not have jurisdiction inside homes and have little legal ability to enforce action related to mold, bedbugs, lice, or sewage backups in homes.

Concerns that usually fall under the jurisdiction of the Union County Health Department include:

  • Food safety at restaurants
  • Public swimming pool water quality & safety
  • Sewage surfacing from failing septic systems
  • Trash, tires, tall grass and other neglected outdoor conditions that attract rodents
  • Smoking in public areas and workplaces in violation of Ohio’s Smokefree Workplace Law.

Online Nuisance Complaint Form

    Complaint Information:

    Please be advised that public health nuisance complaints are public record. Compliant reports are subject to Ohio’s public records laws and can be reviewed or released to any requesting party. Nuisance complaints can be made anonymously or the complainant can provide his/her name. If a complainant provides his/her name, that information is included in the public record. If a complaint is filed anonymously without contact information, please note we may not be able to follow-up on the complaint if more information is needed (such as exact location of complaint cannot be identified).