Union County Ohio

Creating Healthy Communities

Farmers Markets & Park and Trail Improvements

In the simplest of terms, the Union County Health Department’s Creating Healthy Communities program is working to make the healthy choice the easy choice in an effort to improve health. With chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer killing more Americans each year than any other cause, we must find ways to make sure there is access to healthy foods and places to move within Union County.

Our Mission:

Creating Healthy Communities (CHC) mission is to activate community-led solutions to create sustainable change in policies, places, and population health.

Farmers Markets

Fresh grows here in Union County. In fact, you can find a farmers market every day but Sunday from June into October. Farmers markets are sprinkled across Union County, making it easier for more people to savor the goodness of local harvests. Maybe you’ll find yourself wrapped up in the heavenly smell of fresh baked breads and pies, or the fresh crunch of sweet corn, or the sizzle of locally raised meats. Stop by and see what excites your senses.

Parks & Trail Development

The vibrancy of a community and the health of its people are intertwined with room to stretch, move and play. Planning for and connecting people to green spaces, trails, parks, and activity centers is a crucial strategy the Union County Health Department is investing in. From working with the Village of Richwood and the Richwood Trail Blazers on Richwood Lake projects to sharing a vision of a revitalized Milford Center parks program, our Creating Health Communities coordinator spends most of her time at evening community meetings putting dreams into plans. Through the development and integration of these plans, we are working with our villages and townships to be in a position to capitalize on opportunities to improve the quality of life in the places they call home.

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Food Council

Hunger in Union County is often a hidden problem, one that is invisible on the faces of the children and seniors who go hungry. In 2022, the Union County Health Department convened the Union County Food Council to explore how food access is affecting families in Union County. Made up of municipalities, faith based groups, social services agencies, education partners, and farmers, the Union County Food Council is examining what hunger looks like in Union County, how and where it is impacting our community, and creating strategies to overcome the barriers. If food and service to others is part of your passion, consider joining the Union County Food Council. Send us an email to foodcouncil@uchd.net.


Tamisha Matus
Creating Healthy Communities Coordinator
(937) 645-2027