Assistance Programs

Living life to the fullest means taking in the beautiful sights and sounds the world has to offer. At the Union County Health Department, we want to help people see and hear the joy around them. Through the support and help of partners, we offer financial assistance for eye exams, eye glasses, hearing exams & hearing aids. These programs are possible because of the generous support of the, VSP Eyes of Hope, the Marysville Evening Lions Club & Maze Hearing & Balance.

Eye Glasses

Eye glasses & eye exams are available to children & adults through a number of programs. The VSP Eyes for Hope program helps provide vision screening and eye glasses, if needed, to income eligible children without vision insurance. For income eligible Union County adults, a vision screening, and if needed, refurbished eyeglasses can be provided through a long standing partnership with the Marysville Evening Lions Club.

Hearing Aids

Hearing screenings & hearing aids are available for adults only. Union County residents with hearing loss can call the Union County Health Department at (937) 642-2053 or email and, if they qualify based on income and are older than 21, they will get a voucher to go to Maize Hearing and Balance. The voucher gets them an evaluation to see if they need a refurbished hearing aid. If a hearing aid is needed, Maize Hearing and Balance will provide the hearing aid for free.

The hearing aid program is possible because of a strong partnership with Maize Hearing and Balance, Marysville Evening Lions Club, and the Union County Health Department. Maze Hearing and Balance of Marysville cleans and reprograms donated hearing aids, offers hearing exams, and provides the refurbished hearing aids if needed. The Marysville Evening Lions Club funds the effort through donations and fund raising efforts throughout the year. The Union County Health Department serves as the program manager helping to coordinate referrals and determine eligibility.

Get Health Insurance Coverage

One of the goals of the Union County Health Department is to ensure access to healthcare for all Union County, Ohio residents. We believe this starts with making sure our residents have access to health insurance. To get help understanding insurance options, please call Tim Kelley at 937-642-2053 for a free 1 on 1 consultation. During the consultation, we can help individuals understand their health insurance options

You can get help exploring the health insurance marketplace, determine if you are eligible for Medicare, or help you compare Medicare Supplemental plans. Our trained staff can also help you complete the needed paperwork for each option.

Prescription Assistance

The Union County Health Department provides short term assistance for people in need of prescription medication. Through funding from the United Way of Union County the Health Department is able to help residents with prescribed medication. The United Way funding is generally used for “non-maintenance” medications. We help one time every twelve months up to $125. An appointment is needed for this assistance program. Please call (937) 642-2053 and ask for Tim Kelley.