Union County Safe Communities Program


Here’s How We’re Working Toward a Safer Union County

Getting a call that your loved one has been involved in a traffic crash can make your heart sink. We are working alongside our local law enforcement agencies to try and reduce the number of families that have to endure this terrifying moment. Raising awareness and amplifying public safety messaging is one of the key strategies deployed each year. But our work doesn’t stop there. We also work with local schools to host walk and bike to school events, mock crashes, and prom promise activities. Scroll down to see what we’re working on.

Our Mission 

The Safe Communities program works to reduce traffic and pedestrian related injuries. To do this, our efforts center on raising awareness, providing education, supporting law enforcement, and advocating for safety considerations during infrastructure and policy development.


More teens today are foregoing getting their driver’s licenses until age 18. That means more young drivers are hitting the roads without formal drivers education training. A trend that is resulting in mounting concern among traffic safety advocates. Across Ohio, teens cite a number of reasons for delaying getting a driver’s license. Some teens cite the cost of drivers education, gas and of a car itself. The busy schedules of other teens makes it hard to fit in the time commitment of drivers education. Still others found it hard to find a drivers education class or faced long wait lists.

The Union County Safe Communities program is partnering with our local drivers education schools to brainstorm ways to overcome some of these barriers and get more teens into drivers education.


Lauren Putz
Safe Communities Coordinator
(937) 645-2056