IDRS - Infectious Disease Reporting System

Ohio Confidential Reportable Disease
  1. Use this online form to submit reportable infectious diseases to the union County Health Department.
    This form can be completed and submitted electronically to the Union County Health Department.
    It can not be saved for future use.
    (DO NOT use this form to report HIV/AIDS)

    Items with (*) are required fields.

  2. Disease Reported*
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  29. Healthcare Provider Name*
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  40. Hospital Discharge
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  42. Status*
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  43. List Symptoms
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  44. Date of Result*
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  45. Laboratory Name*
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  48. Date of Specimen Collection*
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  49. Reason for Test*
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  50. Specific Type of Test*
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  51. Specimen Site/Type*

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  52. Treatment (required for STD)
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  53. Untreated Options

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  54. Date Treatment Initiated*
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  55. Detail Drugs/Dose/Route*
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  56. Remarks
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