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Pedestrian Safety

The Union County Health Department, as the lead agency for the Union County Safe Communities/Safe Kids Coalition, promotes pedestrain safety throughout the county, and especially near schools.

Here are some pedestrian tips:

How to be a Safe PEDESTRIAN
1. Obey all traffic laws.
2. Walk on sidewalks or designated paths.
3. Cross in crosswalks and at marked intersections at the light.
4. Check for turning vehicles when crossing, especially those making wide right turns.
5. Walk facing oncoming traffic in the berm when there are no sidewalks.
6. Be aware of blind spots on cars, trucks and buses.
7. Allow space and time for trucks, cars, motorcycles and bicycles to stop.
8. Wear something light and bright such as a yellow or orange reflective vest and carry a flashlight for night walks.
9. Watch for cars when crossing driveways.
10. Make eye contact with drivers.

Please click here for the complete Safety Tip Sheet

For more pedestrian safety tips or if you are interested in getting involved with our pedestrian safety programs, please contact Shawnna Jordan, Chairperson of the Safe Communities/Safe Kids Coalition and Safe Routes to School Committees, at 937-642-2053 or via email at shawnna.jordan@uchd.net.