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Motor Vehicle Safety

The Union County Safe and Sound Coalition, which is led by the Union County Health Department, focuses a large amount of its time on traffic safety in Union County. Priorities range from seatbelt safety and education, to impaired and distracted driving education, to reviewing all traffic fatalities that occur in Union County to determine if changes can be made to decrease the likelihood of a similiar crash occurring again.
If you are interested in getting involved with the Safe and Sound Coalition, please contact Shawnna Jordan, Chairperson of the Safe and Sound and Safe Routes to School Committees, at 937-642-2053 or via email at shawnna.jordan@uchd.net.

In 2010, there were 299,918 crashes across Ohio: 1,076 people were killed and 10,175 people were seriously injured. The economic cost to Ohio was more than $8.7 billion.

Ohio's ultimate goal is to eliminate all fatalities. The short-term goal is to reduce the number of fatalities by 5 percent by 2015. By achieving this goal, more than 150 lives will be saved over five years. We can achieve this goal by targeting key crash types in each county.
Many of the crashes that occur each year can be prevented through safer driving behavior. Many injuries and deaths can be prevented by increasing seat belt use, and decreasing speeds and alcohol use.

In Union County...
Between 2008 and 2010, there were 3,658 crashes in Union County.
* Among these crashes, 13 people died and 149 people were seriously injured.
* Fixed object crashes were the #1 cause of fatalities (62%) and the #1 cause of serious injuries (33%).
* The most common fixed objects struck were a ditch, utility pole, or guardrail (in that order).
* A significant percentage of the crashes involved young drivers, speed, and unbelted drivers and passengers.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is a strong partner with the Safe and Sound Coalition.  Much of our traffic fatality and crash data is obtained from their office.  

Please click here for the complete Ohio State Highway Patrol  stats for Union County