Home Canning

Did you know  food safety recommendations change? 

         No one wants their doctor to write them a prescription from the 70's. Treatments for diseases such as diabetes and cancer have dramatically changed in the last forty years due to advances in science and technology.

Similarly, our knowledge of food safety has also advanced over the past few years. To be safe don’t use the same canning method your grandmother used.

  •  Always use current, up-to-date and scientifically tested canning techniques (outdated cookbooks and methods such as boiling or hot water canners can be deadly, since, they don’t protect against all foodborne illnesses)
  • Use pressure cookers with low-acid home canned foods to protect against botulism
  • High-acid foods such as fruits and tomatoes are safe to process in boiling water
  • Always inspect your jars before eating and never taste a jar’s contents to check for spoilage


Read below for more home canning food safety. 

You can also check out Home Food Preservation tips at the Ohio State University

 and http://ohioline.osu.edu/lines/food.html for additional fact sheets, cooking guides, and additional resources.