Healthy Homes


We spend much of our time at home. Yet, our home can contain hidden health hazards. To learn more about these health risks, take the virtual tour above. Click on each room and see where to look for health hazards. Click on the hot spots and see what hazard you may encounter and what simple steps you can take to prevent or address the hazards. If you want more information on a hazard, view the healthy homes booklet or scroll down and click on the link below.

If you have difficulty viewing the house above, click here for a quick guide on Healthy Homes or download a Healthy Homes Booklet.

For an assessment tool to help you decide if your home is healthy, click here

For a checklist of recommended home maintenance, click here for a Healthy Homes Maintenance CheckList

Bed Bugs
Carbon Monoxide
Dust & Allergens
Fall Prevention
Fire Safety
Food Safety
Medication Safety
Pest Control
Poisoning Prevention
Safe Sleep

The Union County heatlhy homes awareness campaign is funded in part by the Ohio Department of Health Healthy Homes and Lead Poisoning Prevention Program.      

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