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Restaurants/Retail Food Establishments

Union County Health Department Sanitarians inspect all food service and retail food operations twice a year. Additional inspections are made if complaints are received. Complaints are typically inspected within 3 days.

Restaurants are inspected according to the Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code. 

 OAC Chapter 3717-1 (Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code)

Opening a Restaurant?

If you plan to open a restaurant in Union County you need to obtain a Food Service Operation (FSO) or Retail Food Establishment (RFE) license from the Union County Health Department.

For an overview of what is expected, please read the Guideline for a Food Facility Plan Review.icon

Building plans, specifically the kitchen, must be submitted and approved by the health department. A facility review application and plan review fee shall accompany the submission. A sanitarian will contact you with any questions he/she may have. Additional permits, such as building and electrical permits are obtained from the County Building Department. Contact them at (937) 644-3018.

Within 30 days you will receive notice from the health department of any changes that may be required.

Before you open, your must have a pre-opening inspection. Contact the health department at (937)642-2053 to schedule one.

A Food Service Operation or Retail Food Establishment license application must be completed once you are approved for opening. You may download and bring the application into the health department along with the applicable fee.