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Union County Community Assessment cover image icon 2015 Union County Community Assessment
icon 2015 Union County Community Assessment Exec Summary
icon Union County Community Assessment Presentation 

The 2015 Community Assessment of Union County compiles data from several data sources including a community wide community health survey to create a picture of health and needs in Union County.

This document presents the leading causes of death in Union County and then explores health factors and behaviors that are often associated. This document will also look at contagious diseases and safety issues that have been a public health priority for many decades.

The goal of this comprehensive report and the committee who worked for its completion is to use the data contained to aid in the indentification of community priorities which can be improved upon for a healthier Union County. The data will also serve as a metric to allow us to know when improvements have been made.

If you would like more information about the data included in the report or would like a presentation for your organization, please click here to email UCHD.

AR2016Cover icon 2016 Annual Report

The 2016 Annual Report contains financial information, highlights from 2016, service statistics, and a summary of communicable disease and vital statistics for Union County, Ohio. Featured topics in the 2016 annual report include a free healthcare event known as GuardCare, an overview of how new statewide sewage rules will effect residents, fighting rising STI rates, and a full-service experience UCHD is providing new parents. UCHD produced the annual report in two formats. A condensed postcard version was mailed to all Union County homes. A full version which includes a broader look at health in Union County in a story format and more extensive service statistics is available here.

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yrbs exec summary screenshot

icon 2016 UC Youth Risk Behavior Survey Presentation
icon 2014 UC Youth Risk Behavior Survey Presentation
icon 2012 UC Youth Risk Behavior Survey Presentation                            

The Union County Youth Risk Behavior Survey was developed in 2009 by the Council for Union County Families to better understand what the youth in Union County think and feel related to parental involvement, school and community involvement, nutrition, physical exercise, bullying, stress, drugs and sex.

The survey is a combination of locally developed questions with questions from the National Youth Risk Behavior Survey and the Center for Epidemiologic Studies.The survey is given to youth in seventh, ninth, and eleventh grades in Marysville, North Union and Fairbanks School Districts every two years.  School districts and community groups use the data in aggregate form to identify student strengths and needs. 


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icon Community Health Improvement Plan   
icon 2011 Community Health Assessment                                                                                   

The Union County Community Health Improvement Plan  was developed by a steering committee of community partners convened by the Union County Health Department in June 2013.

The committee's purpose was to produce a set of health improvement priorities and associated strategies that would address some of the most serious health problems currently affecting Union County residents.

Plan implementation strives to achieve the vision of Union County: The Healthiest Community in Ohio to Live, Work, and Play.


childhood injury report cover photo

icon Childhood Injury Report

A comprehensive look at childhood injury data from 2012. Data was gathered from hospitals in the Central Ohio area serving Union County residents. The report addresses the leading causes of injury including falls, struck by/striking object, and sports & recreation.



Network of Care


Union County's Network of Care is an online resource for individuals, families and agencies concerned with community health. It provides local, state, and national data on a wide variety of health conditions and health behaviors. Network of Care is a good starting point for anyone looking for health statistcs within Union County and Ohio.







icon 2015 Annual Report of UCHD

icon 2014 Annual Report (online version)

icon 2013 Annual Report of UCHD (online version)

icon 2012 Annual Report of UCHD

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