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Board of Health

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Board of Health

The seven member board is the governing body of the Union County Health Department, providing direction and support to the agency's mission. Four members are nominated by the township trustees through the District Advisory Council. Two members are appointed by the city of Marysville. One member is appointed by the District Licensing Council. The current members of the Board of Health are:

Mr. James "Al" Channell - President

Mr. Keith Watson -  Vice President

Dr. Gary Bowman

Ms. Donna Burke

Dr. Justin Krueger

Mr. Eric Milholland

Mr. Mark Smith


The board of health meets regularly on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:30 am. Standing meeting location is the Union County Services Building, Conference Room F, 940 London Avenue, Marysville. Special meetings of the Board of Health are held as needed. Any meeting of the Board of Health or its subcommittees are posted in the events section of www.uchd.net. These meetings are announced as required by Ohio's Open Meetings Law. Board of Health meetings are open to the public. If you wish to address the Board of Health, please contact the health department in advance at (937) 642-2053 for consideration.


Former Board of Health Members


Charles D. Mills, MD 1919-1933
L.L. Roebuck, MD 1919-1923
G.G. McIlroy 1919-1923
J.H. Kinkade 1919-1937
E.G. Grandstaff 1919-1923
H.L. Agner 1924-1929
W.F. Anderson 1924-1941
S.J. Brown 1924-1925
F.J. Wurtzbaugh, MD 1925-1942
Grant Gault 1929-1930
H.P. Clouse 1930-1933
Angus Macivor, MD 1933-1940
John DeVoss 1934-1980
William Cameron 1937-1943
C.O. Wiley 1940-1948
J.I. McAdow 1941-1962
E.J. Marsh, MD 1942-1975
William Porter 1943-1952
P.W. Sullivan 1948-1953
Urta Boerger 1952-1973
Rev. Robert Turner 1953-1954
C.W. Holcomb, MD 1954-1990
Jess Mitchell 1962-1971
Kenneth Koltenbah 1972-1983
Nena Seely  1973-1992
Lutrelle Lee 1975-1990
Phoebe Dunham 1980-1982
Jean Thiergartner 1982-1996
Paul Devine 1983-1998
Adam Shuman 1983-1984
Donald Parrott 1984-1990
Jeff Swartz 1988-1998
William Leibold 1990-1995
Michael Coleman, MD 1991-1993
Dianne Burns 1992-2001
Dr. Scott Baker 1994-1995
Beverly Savage, MD 1994-1999
Darlene Craver 1995-2001
Ken Kraus 1995-2000
Gary McDowell 1996-2011
Rick Shortell 1998-2000
Mike Brake 1998-2002
Anita Wantz, MD 1999-2004
Marge Myers 2000-2010
Eric Milholland 2000-Present
Eric Priday 2001-2001
Carrol Karrer, Ph. D, RN 2001-2014
Al Channell 2001-Present
Rod Goddard 2003-2016
Erin Harris, MD 2004-2007
Justin Krueger, MD 2008-Present
Donna Burke, RPh 2010-Present
Keith Watson 2011-Present
Gary Bowman, DVM 2014-Present
Mark Smith 2016-Present


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